Know 5 Common Pests In Australian Homes

We all know that pests create a lot of mess as well as they are also viable for spreading out harmful diseases in the entire household which is why it is important to keep the surroundings and backyards clean regularly. Using repellants, repellent devices, home remedial methods can keep the pests away at ease. 

When we talk about common pests in Australia, mainly five common ones are found in the regions. Also, the common pests vary from region to region. Stay tuned till the last of this blog as we are going to discuss the five common pests found in the entire region of Australia. 

Definition of the common pests

As mentioned earlier, when we talk about common pests, it is not the same everywhere. Not only in specific regions but it also varies from home to home. Some have common pests like flies, mosquitoes, rats, mice, etc. However, Pest Control Spring Hill have experts who can deal with any kind of pests. Also, they should be kept away early as possible as they are carriers of many diseases and can cause serious health hazards. 

The five pests that are commonly found in Australian homes

Hiring or calling out for high quality pest control services is beneficial not only for homes but also for commercial buildings. Pests are irritating animals because they build their nests anywhere such as at holes, old bags, or also at existing dens. Well, let’s not waste time and look at the list of common pests: 

  1. Rats and mice
  2. Bed Bugs
  3. Ants
  4. Termites
  5. Cockroaches

Here, we go into detail to know more about the commonly found pests:

  • Rats and mice:

Rats and mice, known as rodents, are the carriers of the black plague. When rats and mice are around you can observe the signs of rodent activities in your household. Apart from spreading health hazards, they damage valuable items such as insulation wires,  floor joists, clothes, etc. Therefore it is advisable to take action as early as possible as giving access to them may cause serious health issues.

The professionals of pest control services say that the most effective method of controlling the growth of irritating pests is using traps and natural deterrents to keep them away from damaging valuable items. 

  • Bed Bugs:

Pests always create nuisance in our health system and so do the bed bugs. They are small but it is hard to get rid of them easily. Bed Sheets cleaning, vacuuming the mattress as well as giving exposure to the sun helps to wipe away any kind of bedbugs. Bed bugs can live without any food sources and also the bug bites sometimes lead to serious health issues.  

  • Ants:

Ants are the most irritating pests. Like flies, the ants also carry diseases. Also, the ant bite is painful and ends up with allergic reactions. However, regular cleaning can prevent their nuisance. The black ants commonly found are harmless and do not create any serious issues. Although other breeds of ants such as red or bulldog ants can be dangerous. Getting rid of them is not as hard as other pests, simply blocking their way or destroying their hives can ease the problem easily. 

  • Termites:

In Australia, there are hundreds of cases of home damage due to the extensive termite attack. Thus, the pest control departments recommend termite control inspections while building the foundation stone in the area. These are known as white ants and one can easily know about their existence as they spread out a variety of signs and symptoms. Hence, it is also regarded as a national problem in Australia 

  • Cockroaches: 

Cockroaches are another nuisance creator and nobody likes them. They also spread many deadly diseases. They have the amazing ability to live in any kind of climate or situation. Like the bed bugs, they also have exciting longevity. In recent times, many sprays or repellents are available to get rid of the mighty cockroaches. Hence, they are mostly found in the kitchen sinks, bathrooms, or nasty places. Also, they fly here and there and crawl in the food items leaving behind disease-causing bacterias. 


These were the five most common pests found in Australian homes. Not only in Australia, but these pests are also the common ones found everywhere spreading illness now and then. Calling or seeking help from pest control services is beneficial in many ways when you have an infestation at your place.